February 9, 2016

Our big move!

Wow can't believe it's been a month since I last updated you guys! What a crazy month it's been! My husband accepted a new job out of state....so we moved to DC! Everything has been so hectic but we are finally getting more settled in! We moved to a condo which is almost 1/3 of what we lived in previously but are living in the city, battled our first blizzard, learning to live without a car- walking to work and grocery stores!

I'm so excited for this next journey in our lives! Now that we are getting more settled my mind has been coming up with a few new great blog posts so definitely stay tuned!

Since we are so new to DC let me know some of your favorite restaurants, stores, interior design stores, interior designers, anything!!! Let me know if you are ever here to visit too!

Enjoying a sunny Sunday around Dupont Circle

I found a Neiman Marcus....in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

I just love DC brownstones!

After the blizzard near Thomas Circle. Good thing we have underground car parking.

Downsizing into a 1/3 of the space takes some adjustment, but this new rug sure made it easier! 

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  1. I cannot wait to see more of your new place in DC. Congrats and best of luck. Looking forward to your posts.


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