February 19, 2016

Crane & Canopy: Bedding Geniuses

I have been trying to find a bedskirt that I love since we couldn't bring our big bed to DC . Now everyday I see the foundation mattress and think I need a bedskirt. I happened to come across Crane & Canopy tonight and don't know how I am just now finding out about them! Not only did I love one of their bedskirts, but they sell sheet sets with no top sheet!!! I thought I was the only person that banned the top sheet!

I always have to have a white duvet and yes I would appreciate a little more color but they have designed a double sided duvet that is white on one side and a fun pattern on the other side or one that comes with a beautiful scalloped edge to give the look of a flat sheet folded over. They have designed their duvets for quick bed making in less than 80% of the time. Additionally there are corner ties, hidden zipper closure to make it easier to put on! Do I have a long lost twin out there that started this company? They have the cutest "flower" pillow in various colors I have shown below which are like a flower/ikat combo design that I love for a pop of color. Check it out or check out some of my fave finds below! What are some of your bedding musts or pet peeves?

Ellis Coral Set is reversible with white on one side or the fun side as shown. Here with the alternating colors you can see how the duvet folded over looks. The scalloped flt sheet was added here, it would be nice if they could add the scallop trim to the white site of the duvet! For pops of color, Coral Flowers Throw Pillow&  Coral Wind Farm Patterned Throw

Ellis Gray Duvet Set is another example of the reversible duvet. Here's another great example of the "flat sheet look" where the reversible duvet has a coordinating stripe to simulate the look of a flat sheet. Teal Flowers Throw Pillow is like a fun floral/ikat pattern and comfy  Light Gray Wool Merino Throw 

Plain Soft White Duvet Cover that uses the beautiful scalloped trim sheet, so if you love your current duvet but want to spruce it up, try the scalloped sheets; Gray and White Flowers Throw Pillow

These bedding geniuses here is a quick video on an alternative way to put on your duvet cover, this method is known as the California Roll method. Whatcha think?

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  1. I follow Crane & Canopy on Instagram and they make beautiful linens! I never realized in all those gorgeous pics, it was really just the reversible side of the duvet made to look like sheets! LOVE!


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