October 3, 2015

Morbid Anatomy Museum

In honor of Halloween, I wanted to post something a little on the creepy side. In Brooklyn, New York there is a musuem known as the Morbid Anatomy Library & Museum. This is almost like an extreme natural curiosities collection. The Library used to be available by appointment only is now open on Wednesdays, but the museum is open almost daily that features various exhibitions.

Who doesn't love museum stores, check out a few neat finds from their online museum store
Cardiac Wallpaper which depicts anatomical human hearts intwined with each other. 

Histology Plates designs made by staining human cells to show the intricate patterns

History of Digestion Plate Set The range portrays the intricate anatomical pattern and detail from the teeth to the stomach, intestine and liver.

Memento Mori Tote Bag Would make a gret trick-or-treating bag

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