October 14, 2015

Cornelia Guest & C.Z. Guest's Dodie Thayer Lettuceware at Sotheby's Auction

It can be rare to find a piece of Dodie Thayer Lettuceware (as in 1stdibs has 0 pieces right now), but this Saturday, October 17th at 10am 9 lots of lettuceware sets are going up for Auction at Sotheby's. Most people wish to find one soup tureen and there is a lot of 2 of the large tureens.

Check out one of my previous posts on Lettuceware which featured some of C.Z. Guest's lettuceware and other collector's- Dodie Thayer's Palm Beach Lettuceware.

Glimpse at the entire collection

This is the set I want! Lot 503

The fourteen candlestick lot Lot 507

If you can't make the sale, there is another auction on the 19th with a few Dodie Thayer pieces but nothing of this size.

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