September 12, 2013

From Hospital to Southern Home

Garden & Gun featured the home of Chris and Beth Collier who purchased this boarded up former hospital and nursing home which was built in 1904. They saw potential with the Georgian style architecture located in the historic district in Washington, North Carolina. Chris is an antique dealer, and his wife, Beth, a former museum curator is now an interior designer who saw this property as a place to showcase their work under one roof.

The entry hall did not receive a lot of natural light so they chose bright red lacquered walls

The original ambulance entrance 

The cowhide chairs and gilded table are from the couple's own furniture line, vanCollier.

Gentlemen's lounge room with dutch chocolate lacquered walls and Hermes orange ceilings

The original elevator

Vignette of personal artifacts

The fire escape opens off to a bathroom

Exterior view of the former Tayloe Hospital


  1. wow this is such a cool remodel! gorgeous!

  2. I love their style..the zebra hide over the oriental rug looks fantastic!

  3. all i can say is amazing..really loved how they transformed it..anyways i just hope there aren't any ghost there since it was a hospital before..:)


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