September 2, 2013

Druid Hills Remodel by Pritchett + Dixon

I have featured Pritchett + Dixon before for lake houses and this time I wanted to showcase a home remodel in Atlanta in the area known as Druid Hills. This house was built in 1916 but recently a lighting strike coupled with water and fire damage required an extensive remodel of this house.


  1. that's a floor! Love all the marble..

  2. I LOVE the interior remodel of that home and have always adored the Druid Hills area.

  3. There is a very similar home near my parents home, and I always try to picture what it would or could look like on the inside! gorgeous!

  4. Just... WOW! Amazing remodelling! That pattern over the marble floor in the bathroom is insane! Loved this house! Xo :)

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