June 10, 2013

Masculine Palm Beach abode

Continuing my theme this week for Father's Day with masculine type spaces. Recently Town & Country featured the home of Joseph Dryer who lives in a 1925 Wyeth Spanish style house on the island. The amazing 92 year old survivor of Iwo Jima, had a bullet hole in his chest you could put a fist through, was friends with Ernest Hemingway, and danced with Gloria Vanderbilt in college. Not only does he he have amazing life stories, but his his home decor embodies the travels in which they have collected artifacts from their adventures.

The Sharps buffalo rifle on the wall reminds the visitor that Dryer's family ran James Cunningham, Son & Company, the Rochester coach-building firm that ruled the carriage business in the 19th century.

A tobacco friendly sentiment on this pillow for Dryer who used to live in Cuba.

Channing Hare's circa 1961 portrait of a Mallorcan gypsy girl watches over the dining room, which has hosted politicians and royals.

 A personalized greeting from Charles Addams, featuring Wednesday and Uncle Fester.

Exterior of the 1925 Marion SymsWyeth house whose painted ceilings, tile floors and iron gates reminded them of the Cuba they loved. Very few architectural changes have been made to the place, and its Spanish doors, five working stone fireplaces and Venetian chandeliers give the place an Old World charm.

His love for his collection of colorful of Haitian art came from when his business was forced out of Cuba and was relocated to Haiti.

The following were more images of the house found from New York Social Diary:


  1. What a charming home...I love the collection of Haitian art and the animal hide on the wall...

  2. Gorgeous and very unique home. Love the pillows on the sofa at the top!


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