June 15, 2013

Beautiful Boat Houses

I wanted to post this earlier but we lost power for 3 days due to the horrible storms in Atlanta. Today's feature are beautiful boat houses which I figured all the guys in our life would love, and a great way for them to store their beloved jewel-their boat!


  1. 3 days without electricity? WOW! I had not heard. I love these boat houses.

  2. We are a lake family, and this is so interesting to see. Another awesome post, Kendra!


  3. Oooh, the one with the pink adirondack chairs is so cute!

    That last one is also stunning!

  4. Oh my word! These are phenomenal! I heard about the power outage thru a good friend! That's awful! We've been in Hilton Head this past week and had one night of really bad storms//// my kids' couldn't watch all of the Bacholorette! Bless their heart! And mine! I had to listen to their cries! LOL! So sorry you lost power, tho! I know that's a HUGE pain! These boathouses are to die for! Love them and wish we had one!

  5. Loving the nautical inspiration! We've had so much rain here that our garden are small lakes... We may need to invest in one of these beautiful boathouses!
    C + C

  6. these are incredible! is that WASP I spot on a boat?! that's hilarious!


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