April 4, 2013

Jon Bon Jovi's NYC Apartment

Jon Bon Jovi's 2-story Soho 5 BR 7,400 sf penthouse apartment is listed for sale from Corcoran complete with enough dining space for 20 people, 11 foot ceilings, private screening media room and an escape from the concrete jungle with 3 outdoor landscaped terraces that total 3,100 sf. What's the price tag for this prime piece of real estate.....$42 Million.


  1. Anything Jon Bon Jovi touches is gold in my eyes! However, this doesn't even look lived in! Do you think he really lived there? If I had the money I'd buy it in a heart beat! Great post! I love hearing anything about him and his personal life!

  2. Wow, the roof garden is beautiful and that backdrop really is the cherry on the cake.

  3. Shoot...it doesn't look lived in......I wonder if he has ever spent the night!

  4. Just a shanty shack, ha! Agree, doesn't look touched! Thanks for sharing!


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