April 22, 2013

Going Global on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! To bring in Earth Day, here are some inspirational photos using assorted vintage style globes as decor! 

Assorted mini globes sit atop the armoire to provide a pop of blue color to the room

Assorted globes sit against the vintage map

Global pendents

Unique style wedding guest book to sign a globe

More assorted globes atop armoire

Globe cut in half to make these lights

Globes were the centerpiece decor for this table setting. Would be cute for a going away party.

Chalkboard globes


  1. Such a cute post for Earth Day! I love the chalkboard globes!

  2. Happy Earth Day Kendra.

    The globes look quite good en masse in the first image don't they.

    Wishing you a great week.


  3. What a fun post! I wish I'd had that idea of signing a globe for my own wedding! :)

  4. Great post for Earth day! Love the globes! Adorable, reminds me of my children
    Have a great week
    Jamie Herzlinger

  5. I have a small collection of vintage globes...I love the lamps...cute idea!


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