January 29, 2013

Skinny Girl Apartment

During the last season of Bethenny Frankel's reality show, I was excited to see the final design of her newly purchased apartment being decorated by Mariette Gomez. Check out this last post I did on Mariette work in anticipation of seeing Bethenny's apartment. Check out this beautiful renovation from Trad Home.

Neutral living space is offset by red colors the signature color of Bethenny's businesses.

Casual and neutral kitchen with lots of great lighting

Saw Frankel purchase the American flag painting from a street vendor.

Light blue tufted Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams bed lends a serene and relaxing feel to the master bedroom.

Custom closet designed by Andrea Gary which took 10 months to renovate.

Beautiful turquoise counter top and tiles 

Home office workstations, which is an improvement from the previous office in the kitchen and kitchen table.

Little Brynn's sweet pink bedroom complete with custom wallpaper from Ted Tyler

The beautiful reality star turned entrepreneur started the Skinny Girl cocktail line and sold it. 


  1. Ohhhh the closet. Be still my heart.

    1. Kendra - Thanks so much for sharing my work on your blog. Working with Bethenny was so much fun for me because we are both so detail oriented /OCD - I loved making her dream closet a reality. Mariette and Brooke are such talented decorators - it was a gift to work with such world renowned professionals. I just completed a Bethenny-like dressing room for a woman in NJ - she too had her dream realized within a budget. This is why I love what I do - it's not just for stars and celebrities but for many people who want to do some kind of home improvement/organizing.

    2. Hi Andrea! You did an absolute beautiful job on the closet- evey girls' dream! I was wondering if you could please tell me what the turquoise countertop is made of and direct me to a place where I could purchase it? Thank you.

  2. Have to check out Ted Tyler wallpaper. I have a wallpaper obsession.

  3. I just saw this feature! Love the chandelier in the first pick and the little touches like the bicycle!

  4. Love her bedroom and shoot...look at all the shoes she owns!

  5. oh how i wish that closet was mine! xx

  6. Bethenny is MY FAVORITE! The last I saw of the renovation was on the show, so I am psyched to see the end result on your blog! Thanks for sharing!


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