December 17, 2012

Perfectly Wrapped Gifts

I had the pleasure of being invited by Tidy Up Gal to the Bows & Bloggers event at the new Buckhead Container Store. What a great learning event, I learned how to easily make a pom-pom bow, the trick to seamless wrapping and making perfect sides..the hint...double sided tape. Container Store is the one stop shop to get your gift wrapping needs. It would be nice if they even wrapped the gifts for you!

I thought since we are in the homestretch of Christmas here are some great videos from Container Store on wrapping techniques and bow making since my pictures don't do the justice.

Me with fellow blogger attendees Ekene, Charee

Perfect edges and no tape showing due to double sided tape, not to mention the beautiful "12 Days of Christmas" gift wrap.

Beautiful Santa themed gift wrap and coordinating ribbons

More cute package and ribbon ensembles

Nifty gift wrap tool from Scotch known as the Gift Wrap Cutter. This has no blade that can touch the skin so great for kids and adults. It helps you cut straight lines with the built in guide.

These are the "slap bracelet" style wraps known as Neat Roll Fasteners that keep your wrapping paper sealed, with no tears or creases. Package of 3 is only $5.99.

How to Wrap a Box (you think already know, but you may learn a neat tip)

Adding Ribbon to a Box (hint: this involves tops on how not to have a hump on the back)

How to Tie a Pom Pom Bow (didn't realize how this easy was)

My first try making the pom pom bow.

Here are some more cute gift wrapping ideas!
Plain brown paper with paper bows!

Fun whimsical touch adding large Christmas bulbs to make a bow.

Elegant wrap with polka dots, large feather, fabric bow and mini ornament.

Light blue velvet ribbon and monogrammed gift tags add a glamorous touch.

These paper snowflakes would be cute hanging on a gift as a tag


  1. I should revisit my bow. It's halfway done :-).
    Thanks for coming!

  2. I love wrapping gifts and love the inspiration pictures you posted! xx

  3. Fun! I wish we had a Container Store in Milwaukee. I have to go all the way to Chicago. Think I've even been to the one in Buckhead... I guess the old one.

  4. ooo I would love to learn to make a pom pom bow!


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