October 29, 2012

Halloween Candy Favor Bags

We usually have a lot of trick or treaters in my neighborhood. This year I decided to do little bags with candy since sometimes it's get overwhelming when lots of kids show up at once and see my HUGE bowl of candy! Since this was most last minute, my bags were not fun, just clear treat bags with a tie. If I had planned ahead here are some cute ideas! There are lots of even cuter ideas if your candy is not wrapped but for practicality, these all work with wrapped candy!

If I had planned ahead I could have made some cute and cheap"business cards" from Vista Print to hang on my bags.

I absolutely love this Halloween hand candy bag! I would be afraid some parent would be like, "Why is she giving my child a surgical glove?". 

Crepe Paper pumpkins filled with candy Martha Stewart

These are cute with the labels up top and the eye ball candy. 

Cute kisses bags from Secret Life of Paper

Here is a free printable that is low ink and fits over a sandwich ziplock baggie

Reese's with funky eye stickers for "Monster Eyeballs" from Fickle Pickle

A pumpkin with drilled holes to hold lollipops. You can also buy one of the plastic pumpkins from the craft store and drill the holes so you can reuse next year!

Paper bag cut with "fringe" and folded with black ribbon

Cute free printables with fun ribbon makes these bags welcoming!

Is this the mega favor bag-pretty ribbon, metal pendents. I think the moms would like this more than the kids from Janet Hopkins.

Treats for the parents! A pumpkin beer cooler! I guess you could coke in the bottle, Izzy drinks or the crazy Jones sodas.

Here are my non-fun bags, but they are in a fun Halloween bowl!


  1. That's a very cute idea. If I do that next year, I'd have to start way in advance. I think we had about 100 kids come to our door this year!

  2. Loving all the favor bag ideas. I will definitely have to remember some of these for next year. xx


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