October 18, 2012

Cooped Up

Has anyone checked out the 86th Annual Neiman Marcus Christmas book catalog. Some of the "Fantasy Gifts" this year included a walk on role for Annie for $30,000, a water propelled jet pack for $99,000, a mega luxurious tailgate trailer for $150,000. The one thing that caught my eye, was the posh poultry pied-à-terre for a "mere" $100,000. This custom-made multilevel dwelling from Heritage Hen Farms is a luxurious Versailles inspired hen house that features a nesting area, a "living room" for nighttime roosting, a library filled with chicken and garden books for visitors, a chandelier and 10 hand picked chickens to take residence. Nearby, you pick fresh vegetables or herbs from custom built raised gardens. Are you thinking fresh omelettes every morning?

While Martha Stewart made chicken coops popular in the 90's, I feel these have been more popular recently, the NY Times even did an article on Home Coops in April 2012. Williams-Sonoma even carries 6 different models now! Can these be added to a wedding registry?

Here are some more luxurious chicken coops: 

Check out this amazing coop made for substantially less from Heather Bullard

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired coop from Frederik Roije

This coop all started with a cardboard box with 3 chicks that was a gift from her boyfriend The Art of Doing Stuff


  1. OK, these chicks are living better than we! The NM coop is unbelievable and we wonder if the hens will lay golden eggs.
    C + C

  2. shut up that chicken's house is better decorated than my own

  3. I wish our town allowed chickens! Don't think my chickens would be as lucky as these though.

  4. Those chickens are living the high life! Gorgeous coops! too funny!

  5. These are the cutest chicken coops I have seen. They almost look like play houses for children. I thought I had left a comment before.

  6. I think you are right - I do recall seeing a couple of these before! They are so funny (cute, but come on, who spends that??) Great post!


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