February 1, 2012

Celebrating February with Amethyst

Happy February? Wait weren't we just celebrating Christmas? Time definitely has flown for January. This year is a leap year so we get an extra day this month! Do you know anyone born on February 29th?

Amethyst is February's birth stone! What better way to bring in February with some great interior inspiration and vignettes using this amazing stone! If you had a large chunk of amethyst where would you put it?

Sarah Boardman's amazing natural curiosities library featuring large amethyst from the Well Appointed House

Love this amethyst lamp with the green chairs from Liz Caan

Amethyst provides a natural element Haus Design

Coffee table vignette complete with amethyst chunk on top of Hermes book from Hannah Blackmore

Chunk of amethyst on this nicely decorated bookshelf from Lonny

Large piece of amethyst sits in the fireplace as decor from Houzz

Amethyst lamp from McCoy Design on Vivre
Amazing amethyst geode from Dual on 1st Dibs

Amethyst on stand with an added bonus from Bedrock Fossils

Amethyst bottle stopper from Vivre


  1. I was in a store with my six year old daughter recently where we ran across a piece of amethyst that she HAD to have. I bought it and it sits on her desk. Her treasured "purple diamond" :)

  2. Oh, pretty! I've actually been looking for the perfect piece. Not sure where I'd put it yet.

  3. lovely inspiration :D
    love the post

    thanks for sharing :)



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