February 3, 2012

Amazing Floors

There is nothing better than amazing flooring in a room. Whether it's an intricate mosaic, painted wood floors, awesome chevron pattern or colorful accents. One of my favorites is herringbone floors previously featured here, but I wanted to showcase some different ideas using color, stained wood designs, and intricate patterns. What is your favorite floor?

Amazing white and blue chevron tiled floors from Knight Moves

Love the gold accents in the white tile flooring from Haus Design 

Great long hallway with black and white simple mosaic design looks like a runner from Avant Garde Design

Great black and white patterned floors from Phoebe Howard

Stained pattern in this wood floor from Coastal Living

Eric Cohlers Charleston house at Veranda

Atlanta Home Mag by Billy Roberts
Limestone floors with a nautilus design

Another view of this nautilus floor

Light blue and white painted stripe floors Tobi Fairley

Painted checkerboard flooring from Southern Living

Shiny checkerboard floor leading out to an amazing outdoor area from Meg Braff

Great wood grain design on this flooring from Norman Reeves

Greg Natalie featured on Ivy & Piper

Feminine bathroom with white and pink tile and design from Elizabeth Dinkle

Lastly, I just had to feature my favorite bathroom flooring ever which I have already featured before! The design of the marble just draws you into the space like arrows saying, "Come in." 


  1. Mmmm..... I've been pining for Tobi Fairley's blue striped floor for a long time. My migraines have a tough time with the high contrast chevron floors as much I love them.

  2. I  all the black and white ones, and the last one....gorgeous!

  3. I love a dramatic floor... these are amazing!

  4. I am finding myself drawn to the graphic tiled floors, which I hadn't expected! I love the unexpected pop of color in the blue chevron tiled floors and the inlayed wood pattern!

  5. amazing indeed! those marble floors {last pic} are to die for!

  6. What a great roundup of amazing patterned floors! There are some situations that I love really graphic, geometric floors, and other times when the simpler they are, the better!

  7. The Great Black and White patterned floor is classic! Looking at the hallway, it certainly provides a picturesque display. The floor seems to glimmer along with the fluorescent light. It’s beautiful. ;)


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