June 24, 2011

Mad Little Style and Organizing Maven

The Coveteur recently featured their youngest little lady, Kiernan Shipka who plays Sally Draper on 50's based advertising show, Mad Men. Her style is sophisticated for a girl her age (she's only 11) as she is into vintage clothes, special designers such as Portugal based designer Papo d'Anjo, and has an amazing collection of Mary Jane's. Her must-haves include: Cole Haan boots, Mason Pearson hairbrush, headbands and computer!

I am so intrigued with this little girl and can only imagine what the future holds for her!

The very cute and stylish Kiernan Shipka in a Papo d'Anjo dress and headband she found at Bergdorf.

Her artfully arranged closet that is arranged by clothing type and seasons. 

Shipka's "other season" closet, in which she loves to have space between her hanging clothes.

A designer in the making, this dress was designed by Shipka and it took a year to make. Aside her creation are her favorite Steve Madden boots and her guitar she plays for her friends.

Shipka uses unexpected items as displays/storage which shown here are her Mad Men Screen Actor Guild Awards draped with her Tory Burch bracelets.

Her Christian Louboutin flats that spell Love when put together.

Shipka is an on pointe ballet dancer

Vintage dress that her grandmother saved from when her mom was a younger girl. 

Her favorite vintage outfit (with the exception of the top) were found in vintage stores or a hand me down from her grandmother.

Her Mad Men collectible doll collection with their own added accessories.

Photography by Jake Rosenberg


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