June 12, 2011

Frank Lloyd Wright Homes For Sale

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) has been called "simply the greatest artist (America) has ever produced in any field of the visual or musical arts." Wright left college early and worked for 6 years at the prestigious architecture firm Adler and Sullivan and then opened his own office. Within a decade, he had transformed American residential design creating what was known as Prairie Style (low horizontal lines meant to blend with the landscape) and moved away from European models that were the standard at the time. 

Frank Lloyd Wright was the greatest of the architectural pioneers of the twentieth century, and during his 70 years in architecture he created over 1,100 designs which included government and commercial buildings, hotels, apartment towers, museums (most famously, the Guggenheim), and personal residences of which around 270 are still in existence today. 

Ironically a few of these homes are on the market today as tracked by SaveWright.org and a way for some to own a piece of Architectural History. 

Coonley House
Riverside, IL
Built in 1909

In his 1932 autobiography, Wright described this house as his "best house". The original owner, Avery Coonley was heir to an industrial fortune and spared no expense in  his plans for the home.

The Millard House
Pasadena, CA
Built in 1923

This is the first residence to utilize Wright's highly inventive textile block building system which is seen both on the exterior and interior.

Thomas Gale House
Oak Park, IL
Built in 1892 

This house was built earlier in Wrights career with Victorian motif but has been completely restored and updated and keeping with Wright's original design.

Tracy House
Normany Park, WA
Built in 1955

This home is listed on the National Register of Historic Homes and overlooks the Puget Sound. A bonus for Wright buffs: a complete set of archival documents including original plans, construction photos and correspondence between Tracy (original owner) and Wright.

Stromquist Residence
Bountiful, UT
Built in 1959

Built at an altitude of 6,000 feet on a 10 acre site this picturesque home is as much about the environment as the house itself. 

Bring some Frank Lloyd Wright into your home:

Frank Lloyd Wright: The Houses at Amazon

Frank Lloyd Wright: The Buildings at Amazon

L "Axis" Desk Lamp at ShopWright.org

Adapted from the art glass window at Lake Geneva Hotel at SaveWright.org

Wrapping paper with design adapted from the light grille from the Guggenheim museum at ShopWright.org

More Resources
GoWright.org the Preservation Society that purchased Wrights home and studio but also features an amazing gifts store with Wright themed gifts, and does many tours and programs. 

Save Wright Organization that is focused on saving Frank Lloyd Wright designed structures from destruction.

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