September 30, 2016

That gift for Everyone!

Zeitgeist is a German word literally meaning "spirit of the time," and refers to the taste, outlook, and spirit characteristic of a period or generation. NYC based Zeitgeist Gifts search for unique items that fit into a contemporary lifestyle and reflect products of today.

I wanted to share some of my favorite items since someone the other day reminded me about the countdown to Christmas was under 100 days. I definitely love some of these gift items for co-workers, elephant gifts or just something cute and funny to bring a smile to someone's face and so many items are under $15!

Giveaway: Since Zeitgeist Gifts was so kind to send me a few items to check out, I wanted to send one of the items to a fellow reader. Email me or comment below a few of your fave items from her site and the first person to guess it, I'll send you the item! Hint: It's not featured below!

My husband and I were obsessed with this dog snout nose mug that is only $11! What I find so funny....the mug is white, so you really dont know something is on the bottom. Definitely can't wait to try to prank my inlaws visiting next week!

My other favorite item was this roll of adhesive tape that has cute little sayings like "Cooked with Love", "Made with Love", "Delicious". For $12 you get this get that includes a huge roll of tape and 4 markers to write on the labels. Perfect for mom packing lunches and snacks, someone who cooks giveaway treats. It's 27 yards of labels, I dont know how many labels that is, but it's a lot! Does putting a "Cooked with Love" sticker on the turkey sandwich I make for husband's lunch count? 
I cut my labels in the shape above and used them on my glass storage container

Here you can see the assorted labels and styles, and its on tape so you can just cut at the line, or cut them out like I did.

Gifts for Mom
Fun Gent Gifts
Fun for the Kids
Adhesive Railroad Tape Set $13 / Aviator Knit Hat $33 /  / Cool Princess & Pirate Bath Sponge $12 / Giant Coloring Posters $20

Thank you to Zeitgeist Gifts and their CEO Julia Drechsler for reaching out to me after I ferociously pinned some of my favorite items and sending me a few items to try and a giveaway gift for my readers!

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  1. Thanks so much for a great feature. We truly appreciate it! Best, Julia from Zeitgeist Gifts


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