June 17, 2016

Dorothy Draper Banana Leaf Styling

Still in the tropical mood from the copper pineapple drinks? The design team at Laurel & Wolf Interior Design asked me for my thoughs on their latest trend alert on Banana Leaf & Palm Print's. Obviously the first image that flashed in my head was Dorothy Draper's Brazillance wallpaper at the Greenbrier Hotel. Check out my two styling options of adding a little Draper style banana leaf & palm prints into your world. What's the first image that comes to your mind when you think of palm prints?

Retail concourse at The Greenbrier Hotel from Dorothy Draper

If having banana print wallpaper is not something you can commit to, this is removable wallpaper reasonably priced that will let you style an accent wall or use behind an open bookcase for a bold impact. For this luxe look, I chose rich textures of emerald green velvet Chesterfield sofa and black leather. Black and gold accents were added using the signaure Dorothy Draper chest along with a vintage Hermes silk scarf pillow.
Dorothy Draper Inspired Living Room

Lamp / Removable wallpaper / Vintage Hermes scarf pillow / Sofa / Ralph Lauren black chair & Similiar / OttomanDorothy Draper España-style chest

Dolce and Gabbana came out with a beautiful line up of palm leaf dresses and skirts which inspired me for the fashionista entertainer. Here, I kept with vintage design elements with the white buffett with vintage round rings and the vintage green Champagne coupes. The palm prints from Pottery Barn are so versatile they could go anywhere. Lastly, I loved the palm tray which is only $25!
Entertaining Palm Style

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