January 3, 2014

Northern Lights in Iceland

I am starting to have a little time to upload some of my pictures from my camera from our Iceland and Germany trip. Here are a few photos of the Northern Lights we saw which was on my bucket list. On our first full night we got the call from the photograthat they lights were out and he quickly picked us up and we headed about 5 miles outside the city to get away from the light pollution. We were by the water and near the lighthouse. The ligths were lower activity, but at least we still got to see them.

We went out with Olgeir Andresson who is a famed Northern Lights photographer in Iceland whose photos have been featured in Times Square, on the Iceland postage stamp and various websites and publications. He helped me set up the tripod in the dark, get my camera settings right to be able to shoot the lights and the motivation and company to stand out in the chilly weather for 2 1/2 hours. So if you go to Iceland and want to go out to see the lights and photograph them with the pro, definitely look him up!

This is a little blurry since we had to try to stay still for 15 seconds which was the exposure we had to use in the dark.

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