August 5, 2013

Shark Week!

It's shark week so what better way than for me to share some shark interior accents. This was not an easy feat, but I managed to pull a few images together! Are you or your significant other obsessed with shark week? My husband loves sharks so of course our DVR is full of any shark shows he misses during the day!

India Hicks Bahamian styling includes a shark jaw from Lonny

Shark jaw sits atop a large fish hook to the left of the fireplace from decorpad

Shark jaw sits on the window sill in this study from Bolaget

Blue and white decorated tablescape complete with white resin shark as the centerpiece from Mabley Handler featured at the 2012 Hampton's Designer Showhouse.

Shark and fish chart fits perfectly in this nautical room from BHG

Red shark sits atop white linen cabinet from 


  1. I'm dying over these! I'm such a shark week fan... I interned for Discovery a few years ago and shark week was so much fun at the office!

  2. I am just about to book a surfing holiday and lovely as sharks are, I am getting a little bit aaaaaagggghhh! ;)

  3. Love the post! Just caught up on your prior posts, love following your blog! Jamie Herzlinger


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