February 10, 2013

Year of the Snake

Today is Chinese New Year's and the Year of the Snake! 

The snake has traditionally been seen as a symbol of wisdom, wealth and longevity, but is considered less auspicious than other animals in the 12-year Chinese Zodiac such as the dragon. It is said to bestow mystery, intelligence and beauty on those born in a snake year. 

Here are some serpent and snakeskin inspirations for your house! 

Serpent Mirror from Benjamin Dhong

Large serpent mirror from F Schumacher

Snake stools from Daniel M. Pafford

Snake stools and table from Daniel M Pafford

Framed Natural Curiosities Snake prints from Artfire

Snakeskin stencil for DIY painting from DIY Stencils on Etsy

Snakeskin leather cuff bracelet with turquoise from LivingFreebyEP at Etsy

Snakeskin boxes from Jayson Home

Snakeskin sawhorse desk legs from Tonic Home

Nate Berkus Snakeskin pillow from Target 


  1. I hate snakes, but that mirror is kind of cute. xx

  2. I just put out my new wood snake on the mantel. My mother-in-law sends a new animal from Japan each new year.

  3. I love that first mirror, very dramatic! kinda gives me the creeps though hahah!

  4. I love must animal prints but snake I never really think about. I do love Dhongs image with the gold snake mirror.


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