March 25, 2012

Spring has sprung with Tulipieres

Since Spring has sprung, I wanted to share some beautiful tulipieres and a little history. At the height of "tulip mania" in the mid 1600's when 1 tulip bulb cost as much as 1 oxen or 1,000 pounds of cheese, these delicate flowers could not be put in any vase. Holland's tulip fiends collaborated with Delft to produce what we know as the Tulipiere, an uber vase designed to show off a bunch of precious flowers to their best individual advantage...and so the tulipiere was born!

Beautiful tall tulipiere's in this amazing teal and white room from Anthony Baratta

Beautiful blue and white tulipiere from Carolyne Roehm

Large white tulipiere from Tobi Fairley

Modern style Coral type tulipiere from Phoebe Howard

Earthenware Tulipiere's from The Federalist

Artichoke Tulipiere from Museum Selection

Italian hand painted Stacking Tulipiere from Elise Abrams Antiques


  1. Lilly, I want a Tulipiere and it's all your fault!!! Just for the pleasure of pronouncing it (très chic word) 'cause it's autumn down here and tulips cost quite a fortune. The Tulipiere, the Tea Box and my wish list after reading Haus and Home goes on and on :P Great Week mon ami! XoXo

  2. Just found your blog.....following now...loving all the inspiration:) and I LOVE the first photo.....they are all so gorgeous!

    Nice to meet you!

    June 1989 Jewelry Grand Opening!

  3. Oh my gosh, I've never even heard of a tulipiere before, but now I MUST have one! You know how it is :)

  4. i've always adored them but don't own one yet...beautiful!


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