January 30, 2011

Bamboo Decor

When you think of bamboo you may think of tacky, raw bamboo fit for a Tiki Hut, but that's not always the case. Below are some amazing ways to add a little bamboo to your home.

Found this in my archives. I just love this gold bamboo mirror.


  1. Just found your post in a faux bamboo mirror search... You have some great finds!

    I love faux bamboo too and did post on it recently as well!
    Haymarket Designs- Faux Bamboo Obsession

  2. I love bamboo also - especially painted in gold as you have here or glossy black...it's so versatile and beautiful! I love the mirrors you included here too! I featured a bamboo chair and its uses if you want to see:

  3. I just love the look of that bamboo chair. It would look great sitting in my guest bedroom (it's a tropical theme). Thanks for the inspiration!


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