December 28, 2016

Glitz and Glam for New Years!

What a hectic year end this has been! I just realized I had not posted in almost 3 months! We have an upcoming Inaugeration Ball in January with a Gatsby theme and with New Years around the corner, I wanted to share some of my favorite glitzy, glam and shimmer faves to help you ring in the New Year with some sparkle!

Let me know what fun New Years plans you have! 

September 30, 2016

That gift for Everyone!

Zeitgeist is a German word literally meaning "spirit of the time," and refers to the taste, outlook, and spirit characteristic of a period or generation. NYC based Zeitgeist Gifts search for unique items that fit into a contemporary lifestyle and reflect products of today.

I wanted to share some of my favorite items since someone the other day reminded me about the countdown to Christmas was under 100 days. I definitely love some of these gift items for co-workers, elephant gifts or just something cute and funny to bring a smile to someone's face and so many items are under $15!

Giveaway: Since Zeitgeist Gifts was so kind to send me a few items to check out, I wanted to send one of the items to a fellow reader. Email me or comment below a few of your fave items from her site and the first person to guess it, I'll send you the item! Hint: It's not featured below!

My husband and I were obsessed with this dog snout nose mug that is only $11! What I find so funny....the mug is white, so you really dont know something is on the bottom. Definitely can't wait to try to prank my inlaws visiting next week!

My other favorite item was this roll of adhesive tape that has cute little sayings like "Cooked with Love", "Made with Love", "Delicious". For $12 you get this get that includes a huge roll of tape and 4 markers to write on the labels. Perfect for mom packing lunches and snacks, someone who cooks giveaway treats. It's 27 yards of labels, I dont know how many labels that is, but it's a lot! Does putting a "Cooked with Love" sticker on the turkey sandwich I make for husband's lunch count? 
I cut my labels in the shape above and used them on my glass storage container

Here you can see the assorted labels and styles, and its on tape so you can just cut at the line, or cut them out like I did.

Gifts for Mom
Fun Gent Gifts
Fun for the Kids
Adhesive Railroad Tape Set $13 / Aviator Knit Hat $33 /  / Cool Princess & Pirate Bath Sponge $12 / Giant Coloring Posters $20

Thank you to Zeitgeist Gifts and their CEO Julia Drechsler for reaching out to me after I ferociously pinned some of my favorite items and sending me a few items to try and a giveaway gift for my readers!

September 12, 2016

Fein Zalkin Interiors

I came across the beautiful work of Jenny Zalkin and Josh Fein of Fein Zalkin Interiors in Miami. Lifelong childhood friends joined forces a few years ago to combine their skills to create Fein Zalkin interiors. Zalkin's experience was in fashion and Zalkin's was head of marketing at the Design Center of the Americas ,

I was instantly drawn to this black and white office cabinetry since something about this reminded me of Hermes design. Not sure if it was the black trim or the small accent horse. 
Large driftwood table looks perfect against the beautiful architecture of the stairs. Jonathan Adler Ventana chandelier.
Neutral palette breakfast nook is serene and a great area for casual dining with comfy seating
For those who love to entertain this was pretty efficient use of space for a smaller area with the built in bar space prvoviding a beautiful backdrop. Blue pillows in Shoeridge Lapis fabric from Aerin Lauder for Lee Jofa 
Neutral dining room 
Trying to hide your favorite comfy leather sofa? An Hermes throw is always a fantastic decor accessory. Fornasetti opera wallpaper in small room.
I loved how this offie was styled since you know this owner has traveled the world and wanted their mitbringsels beautifully displayed.
Chic nautical decor for this yacht.

September 4, 2016

Framed Bow Ties

With college football just starting, I was reminiscing about my college days, Being from the South, bow ties were the epitomy of Preppy Style. In College, guys would wear bow ties to Saturday College football tailgating and games. Attorneys wear them to the office, guys wear them to weddings and even gift a fun pastel version to their groomsmen. When I came across the framed bow tie collection I thought what a cute idea to use in a walk in closet, dressing room, man cave, or little boys nursery. 
Loved this framed bow tie collection from Show Studio
DIY Bow Tie Shadow Box Instructions from Steven and Chris
These bow ties were used in a nursery and where from his dad when he was a little boy, cooupled with watercolor instructions on how to tie a bow tie from Elements of Style
One simple bow tie framed in baby's nursery from Lindsay Stephenson
Framed bow tie from The Good South
Framed bow ties pined to the back with specimen pins from Suzy LaCroix

I loved this exensive framed bow tie collection with a photo this is a great memorial or tribute to your favorite bow tie wearing gent from Andy's Frame Setting

While doing research for this post, I came across some other neat framed collection ideas, so stayed tuned!

August 23, 2016

Stark's Versatile Antelope Ax

Amy Berry mentioned that Stark's Antelope Ax is one of the most versatile rugs you can use. Take a look below at all the other designers who seem to agree. Antelope Ax can be found in a variety of rooms, styles and yet it always looks great, from closets, nurseries, dens, sitting rooms, dining rooms.
Nicole Henley Mellon sits in her posh yellow Oly chair with Stark Antelope at her feet
Classic furnishings pair nicely with Antelope
Amanda Lindroth used Antelope in this Bahahamian home paired with this amazing drum chandelier she found on 1stDibs
Jan Showers used Antelope Ax in this library
Amy Berry says Antelope Ax is one of the most versatile rugs that she uses
Robert Brown used Antelope Ax in this symmetrical dining room
Alexa Hampton used Antelope in her dressing room
Sam Allen used the darker Antelope Ax in this vibrant bedroom
Celerie Kimble's design assitant, Heidi Bianco used Antelope Ax in her bedroom
Amanda Nisbet used Antelope Ax carpet in her hallway
Antelope Ax in a nursery
Ruthie Sommers paired feminine pinks with Antelope

If Stark rugs are not in your budget, but you want to achieve the Antelope look, here are are a few more affordable options: 
Myers Carpets offers a lower priced alternative Antelope print carpet

August 13, 2016

Dallas Designer- Amy Berry

I was so excited to share some of my favorite photos from Dallas based interior designer, Amy Berry. I love Berry's use of great patterned wallpapers, encorporating blue and white ceramics, fun art, low key animal patterns and perfectly styled home bars. Berry lived and studied design in London and has brought back the classic European style mixed with her Southern roots.

Stark's Antelope Ax rug that Berry frequently uses in homes.
Sputnik light gives this office a vintage feel, reminiscence of Mad Mens Don Draper's office. Notice Stark's Antelope Ax being used again. 
Blue and White Mural Wallpaper from Susan Harter
Nurseryworks Vetro acrylic crib has the ghost effect allowing the beautiful linens to shine.

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