September 4, 2016

Framed Bow Ties

With college football just starting, I was reminiscing about my college days, Being from the South, bow ties were the epitomy of Preppy Style. In College, guys would wear bow ties to Saturday College football tailgating and games. Attorneys wear them to the office, guys wear them to weddings and even gift a fun pastel version to their groomsmen. When I came across the framed bow tie collection I thought what a cute idea to use in a walk in closet, dressing room, man cave, or little boys nursery. 
Loved this framed bow tie collection from Show Studio
DIY Bow Tie Shadow Box Instructions from Steven and Chris
These bow ties were used in a nursery and where from his dad when he was a little boy, cooupled with watercolor instructions on how to tie a bow tie from Elements of Style
One simple bow tie framed in baby's nursery from Lindsay Stephenson
Framed bow tie from The Good South
Framed bow ties pined to the back with specimen pins from Suzy LaCroix

I loved this exensive framed bow tie collection with a photo this is a great memorial or tribute to your favorite bow tie wearing gent from Andy's Frame Setting

While doing research for this post, I came across some other neat framed collection ideas, so stayed tuned!

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